The goal of hospice care is to help a terminally ill person live a life of dignity, with less pain and discomfort.

The team, which is qualified for various functions, deals with different aspects of the patient’s problems. The main being pain management and the symptoms of the treatment which can be quite acute. No further curative medication is recommended but medications for the management of discomfort are administered by the trained staff.

Hospice care supports the family hospice near orange county members of the terminally ill patient also by giving them a break so that they can carry on with their day-to-day duties. Emotional support, by way of counseling, is also offered to them when they are overwhelmed with grief and cannot handle the situation. Counselors and care providers speak to them and confirm their support as well as the fact that death is a fact of life and is inevitable. Eventually you must learn to accepted it.

Those offering their support at hospice are certified to do so and have been through special training for it. The beneficiaries of hospice services should be entitled to Medicare benefits and have to have a life expectancy of below six months. The benefits have four levels which are inpatient care where in the patient is admitted to one of the hospice facilities or nursing homes, respite care where the families are given time to do their other daily chores and take time off. Sometimes, home care can be continuous or part-time. All this is provided by the hospice staff according to the patient’s requirements and condition. The family and physician concur on what has to be done next and this depends largely on the care giver’s feed back. This is the nurse who has been assigned to the patient and gives a feed back on the condition to the family and physician.


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