Insurance Agency Websites and Your Unique Agency Value Proposition

I look over a variety of insurance agency websites each day. Sometimes, I come across an up-to-date website that is utilizing web 2.0 the best practice, and populated with dynamic and high-value content, designed to be a good insurance company SEO and employing social media icons that have an easy and clearly placed call-to-action. These websites are simple to recognize and are result from the efforts and time spent by the agency to make sure that its clients as well as potential customers get an appealing and professional online experience. But, more often, I find sites that require more attention. Some sites are out of date , while others are templates that use similar or identical material (non of origin or boilerplate information) across a variety of agencies’ websites Church Insurance Agency.

In the past, many customers, partners, and prospects might have visited agents in person. Today, more customers visit the insurance agency’s website than ever step foot through the door of an agency. This is the same in the case of Personal Lines as it is for Commercial Lines. We’ve all heard”cash is king” and “cash is king” when it is a business. However, when it comes down website design, “content is king” and should be stated to mean “unique content is king” It is essential that your site has original content as well as your own distinctive style and appearance. Your website should communicate your distinctive brand’s value proposition, the agency’s design and highlight the distinctive features of your services, products and solutions.

The 10 most important elements of a website that your company should consider while designing your website:

Header, logo, and value proposition

Navigation (keep it simple)

Page title, meta description, keywords (on page SEO)

Unique design

Balance of content and graphic

Theme and color

Content includes graphics, text, video blog

Download speed

High-quality inbound links and no-follow outbound links

Demand Action!

The top 10 watch out strategies include:

Do not fall for templates designed to can make your agency’s website appear similar to other agencies.

Content that is out of date

Photos and images that are not up to date photos

Convergence between Personal Lines and Commercial Lines

Ineffective or ineffectual Call to Actions on every page

There are too many Calls to Take Action on a website

Browser incompatibility

Large images are also available. Flash video with only a few minutes of content

Broken links

Utilizing features and utilities that will make your site appear like other websites

Now having a goal of your insurance company’s website What is your unique value proposition and how can you present this to website users? Let’s say you’re a trucking company. Do you offer health insurance for group members that guarantee major medical coverage for owners, hours of Service updates in a publication, and a 24/7 hotline for an emergency involving spills? Is your company a small local business that gives personal attention to every customer or are you a major agency with a wealth of resources and deep knowledge? Perhaps your agency provides a blend of both: personal service as well as expert knowledge of your fleet. Does each agent hold an Commercial Drivers License (CDL) or have they completed specialized training so that they meet the particular needs of your company’s trucking clients and prospective customers?

Your agency’s website must synthesize your unique value proposition , and clearly convey it on your homepage and across your site. The same idea applies to both vertical and general agencies. Keep in mind that services that are bundle services are typically under-utilized themes for agency websites and getting an estimate now is often a over-used theme. Be sure that your unique value proposition and your website is clearly stated and avoid using the same information or spokespersons such as “chatterbots”. Wikipedia defines chatterbots as a program that computers use to emulate a conversation through audio methods. If an agency decides to employ a chatterbot I would suggest that they work with an agency representative to discuss their advantages. If you are using the same chatterbot for another agency, it’d be like watching the same person on TV advertising products that are competitive (would GM, Ford, Honda and Toyota all have the same spokesperson for their respective product ads). Instead of using chatter robots, companies can create a series of video clips and put them in a strategic manner on every website page. These videos also offer the benefit of YouTube placementto aid the SEO efforts of their insurance company. Agents, brokers, and agents must take the time to create original content, with graphics and videos, to show the uniqueness that makes their agency the most appropriate option.



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